Botox in McMurray, PA

Get Botox Injections in McMurray, PA

Krah Family Dentistry offers BOTOX in McMurray, PA. BOTOX treatments relieve pain, and adjust cosmetic issues. Whether you need treatment for nagging head and jaw pain or just a new look, Dr. Krah can do the job. Skilled dentistry is something Dr. Krah prides himself on, and guarantees to his patients and BOTOX services are no different. Contact Dr. Krah today at (724) 941-2929 to set an appointment, and get the relief you deserve.

Choose BOTOX® to Treat TMJ and Migraines in the McMurray, PA, Area

Many patients suffer from TMJ, migraines or other painful disorders that can affect their daily life. Dr. Krah has been a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics since 2013 and is AAFE-certified. He can provide BOTOX® treatments to our patients in McMurray, PA. With Dr. Krah, you can rest comfortably knowing this procedure will be carried out quickly and flawlessly.

You Can Trust Our BOTOX Treatments for TMJ and Migraine Pain

BOTOX lessens jaw movement, which is associated with TMJ. The muscles can be overworked from clenching and movement, which causes severe jaw pain, headaches, and overall facial pain. BOTOX is a relatively painless treatment, and some minor discomfort may appear at the injection site. If you are looking for effective TMJ or migraine treatment in the McMurray area, call Krah Family Dentistry. We will provide you more information about our BOTOX services.

We Offer BOTOX Treatments for Facial Esthetics

BOTOX is also available in our office for facial esthetics. It is a common practice to use BOTOX injections for cosmetic purposes. Dr. Krah will happily perform such services to supplement dental work. Consult with Dr. Krah today if you think BOTOX may be a beneficial treatment, and we will be happy serve you. Email Krah Family Dentistry today at for more on BOTOX in McMurray, PA.
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