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Krah Family Dentistry: Services to Remove Broken or Decayed Teeth with Emergency Care

When you need tooth extractions in McMurray PA and surrounding areas, call Krah Family Dentistry for fast service. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Krah offers services to remove one or multiple broken or decayed teeth.

Patients may need a tooth extraction for many reasons, such as cracking, damage, decay, or infection. The severity of the problem or impaction may require either local or for the procedure. We also provide nitrous oxide for anxiety management. We aim to make patients as comfortable as possible.

Do you have tooth pain, a severely broken tooth, or need removal? Call Krah Family Dentistry in McMurray today at (724) 941-2929 to schedule an appointment. We also offer emergency services.

We Encourage Proper Recovery for Tooth Extractions

Recovery time for most tooth extraction patients is quick and fairly easy, provided you follow some common steps. It is likely that you will experience some pain or discomfort for the first day or so after tooth extraction. A few ways to help make a full recovery include:

  • Eating soft foods
  • Icing the area to reduce swelling
  • Not brushing the area within the first 24 hours
  • Not drinking with a straw
  • Rinsing with saltwater after the first 24 hours

Be sure to follow the directions the doctor gives you for after care. If you believe your incision may be infected or is not healing correctly, call us as soon as possible.

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