Dental Crowns in McMurray, PA

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Krah Family Dentistry offers crown procedures to our patients who suffer from decaying or broken teeth. A crown is a permanently cemented, custom made porcelain “tooth” that is placed on a decayed or broken tooth. A crown fully encases a tooth to protect it from further damage. At Krah Family Dentistry, we make the crown look natural; no one will notice it is a crown.

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Understand the Purpose of a Crown Procedure

Most people need crowns to protect a broken or damaged tooth. A crown, also called a cap, provides the tooth with ultimate protection to prevent further damage. If you have a broken or decaying tooth, a root canal, a large filling, or a broken filling, consider crowns. While a crown procedure sounds intimidating, it is a straightforward procedure. Does your tooth meet the criteria for a crown?
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Learn How a Crown Procedure Works

Crown procedures are simple, and the doctor completes them in the office. In most cases, a crown procedure takes two appointments to complete. The first appointment is to grind down the outside of the tooth and prepare it for the crown. We make a mold of the tooth and then fit you for a temporary crown.
You will leave our office with a temporary crown, and approximately two weeks later, the final crown will be ready. We then fit the new crown, check the bite, and cement the crown to your tooth. The doctor will give you complete instructions on caring for your new crown.
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