Cosmetic Dentistry in McMurray, PA

Krah Family Dentistry Offers Restorative
Services to Improve Smiles

Looking to achieve the perfect smile? Dr. Krah can help you with the use of the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry. Our office provides crowns, tooth bonding, and veneers for those who desire a brighter, straighter, and more uniform smile. Our office also provides several choices for at home tooth whitening solutions, which allows our patients more flexibility and control over what shade they prefer. Schedule a consult with Dr. Krah today to explore your options on how to improve the appearance of your smile. Call us today at (724) 941-2929 to schedule an appointment.

We Provide Cosmetic Dentistry for Dental Implants and Crowns

At Krah Family Dentistry, we can help keep your smile looking great no matter what happens to it. Incidents both large and small can have an impact on our teeth—everything from biting down on something hard, to a sports-related accident. Some patients are born with dental issues can be improved through cosmetic dentistry, such as dental implants or crowns. There is no need to suffer with the pain associated with an imperfect smile. Our team prides itself on superior satisfaction and quality professionalism in our work.

Krah Family Dentistry loves to create beautiful smiles, and happily offers our patients the latest in cosmetic dentistry services. Through the use of dental implants, crown, and other state-of-the-art options, you may achieve an improved smile outcome. Our patients mean a lot to us, and we strive to serve them in the best way possible on a consistent basis. For more information on how we can improve your smile, ask us to assess what cosmetic option is right for you.

Contact Us for Facial BOTOX® and Skilled Cosmetic Dentistry

Krah Family Dentistry offers facial BOTOX® as part of our cosmetic dentistry services to patients throughout McMurray, PA; Bethel Park, PA; Washington, PA; and the surrounding areas. Along with Botox, additional cosmetic services may include ways to brighten smiles with veneers, bleaching procedures, and other smile-transforming options. Of course, we offer excellence in family dentistry services.

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