Dental Implants in McMurray, PA

Krah Family Dentistry Provides Dental Restoration Service

We are proud to offer Dental Implants in McMurray, PA. Krah Family Dentistry provides patients with dental implants when dentures or partials are not feasible. Taking care of dentures or partials becomes expensive in the long run. Unlike bridges, implants have titanium “roots” that fuse to the bone, making them solid and durable.
Having permanent dental implants eliminates the worry and frustration of having removable teeth. If you are in the market for dental implants, call us today at (724) 941-2929. We are here to help you get the right ones for you.

Understand How We Install Dental Implants for McMurray, PA

The process for placing and restoring dental implants is an involved procedure that requires interdisciplinary work between our dental office and the oral surgeon. Over several months and multiple appointments, Dr. Krah and the oral surgeon will work in tandem creating a treatment plan unique to every patient. The oral surgeon will evaluate the bone level in the area of the missing tooth or teeth that requires replacement. Once the implant is surgically placed, a period of healing occurs before you return to our office. We will then take the appropriate measurements and send them to our labs to create your perfectly fabricated tooth. This tooth will then be secured onto the implant permanently and act as a normal functioning tooth.

Learn How to Care for Your Dental Implants

Krah Family Dentistry will advise you on keeping your implants clean and secure. Proper hygiene is still crucial because bacteria still affects the implants. You still need to practice proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing, as well as regular visits to the dentist.
Implants may seem like more upkeep than dentures or partials, but the results are worth every visit. If you are interested in starting the process to having implants, schedule an appointment with Krah Family Dentistry today.
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